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You need time and knowledge to dedicate time to do handicapping on your own and make money, which is at a premium and therefore need outside assistance to profit from betting. As a layman, if you are not able to make money on your own picks every week, it is time to consult a professional, who will give you picks at no cost and help you to not only make money but also save you time. The site provides free sports picks on basketball, football and baseball through the advice of their own panel of expert handicappers.

Free daily picks for NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA are given to people for the first time beyond which they have to buy these picks by calling or via the internet. The picks are suggested based on an hour to hour watch of the betting chances to identify the best on the Vegas board. Other real time gaming chances which are trustworthy and makes the procedure of paying in and getting payouts quite easy and quickly are also offered through the site. You need to take the assistance of handicapping experts in basketball who dole out free picks through recorded messages, as they are trained and live the sport of basketball every minute. By constantly keeping themselves updated about the skills and mental framework of players before a particular game, the basketball handicappers are able to project performances and provide the right picks.One advantage for first timers at the site is the chance to get free weekend selections which also has free NFL picks.
Some Types of Bets

Basic Wagering and Vigorish

This terms refers to the payment, which is about 4.5% on all money bet that the sports book will take, as long as the wager amount on the underdog and on the favorite is the same.

Straight Bets

  In a bet, where the bettor puts his wager on a team which he feels will win and is one of the more popular bets is called the straight bet.


In football and basketball games, the two teams are anticipated to score a specific number which becomes the total line and based on this; gamblers wager that the two teams combined will either score either less or more than this total.  


This bet is one where two or more than two single game bets are considered as one and to emerge victorious in a parlay, the gambler must bet correctly on every game considered in the parlay.

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